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Thanks for your interest in investing in BlockchainTV!
Before you begin, here is some helpful info.
Step 1
When you click on the Invest Now button below, you will be asked to create an account with Issuance, our investment fulfillment partner.
Step 2
Then, you will be asked to provide proof of accreditation. Issuance can email your accountant with a simple form, or you can upload the supportive documents yourself.
Step 3
Once approved, you can invest through the secure Issuance platform by credit card, wire transfer, ACH and more!
Watch the video below!

BlockchainTV host, Bobby Del Rio, interviews Terence Winter, writer and producer of The Sopranos and The Wolf of Wall Street, on the future of Web3 in Hollywood.
The future of Broadcast TV is here. Invest now!

Interested in learning even more about BlockchainTV? We get it! This is an exciting opportunity you definitely don't want to miss! Get in on the ground floor.  Download our investor deck below.

Download our Investor Deck

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